About us

It was in Richmond, in 1977, that Mr. Gabriel Couture established the bases of his building centre. At the time, Gabriel Couture & Fils was an independent building centre offering its clients building materials and hardware products as well as fertilizers, chemical fertilizers and feed. In its early days, Gabriel Couture & Fils served a territory that included Sherbrooke, Windsor, Richmond and the surrounding area. 

In 1988, Marcel and Réal Couture, Gabriel's sons, took over the business. Since then, major changes have been adopted to allow customers in the regions of Richmond, Danville, Asbestos, Ulverton, South Durham, Kingsbury, Saint-François Xavier, Windsor, Sherbrooke and Magog to enjoy a wide range of construction, renovation, decoration, painting and hardware products.

Today, associated with the Timber Mart hardware group, the Centre de rénovation Gabriel Couture & Fils has four points of service: two in Richmond, one in Danville and one in Sherbrooke. The team of five employees that Gabriel Couture had when it opened in 1977 is now made up of more than 60 men and women who all work on your projects, the smallest and the biggest!

Marcel Couture and Réal Couture